Dog Licensing in the state of Maine

by Amy Lytle on February 28, 2012

I got asked a question last week at my puppy play-group that I was shocked to not know the answer to: At what age do you license your puppy?

I guess because I adopted Brodi at around the age you are supposed to license your pup I never really had to think about it. But here is some information I found from the Maine Department of Agriculture website. (

Puppies must be licensed upon reaching 6 months and adult dogs that have been adopted need licensing after they have been with the family for 10 days. The owners must bring with them the current state of Maine rabies certificate and the veterinarians proof of neutering for their animal. The fees for licensing go as follows:

“Altered” Dogs: $6 per license
“Un-Altered” Dogs: $11 per license

But why pay to get your dog licensed? Where does the money go? The money gathered from licensing dogs supports local animal control officers and state humane agents. It aids in investigations of animal cruelty complaints and the enforcement of animal welfare laws. It urges owners to vaccinate their dogs against rabies by having the vaccination required. It also goes towards the care of sick and injured stray animals and helps return lost dogs to their owners.

So when January comes around and you have to make a mad dash to the town hall before the 31st to license your dog, think about everything the fees support and the good you are doing with just $6 per dog(or $11, depending on if you spayed or neutered your pet- all the more reason to do so!) You’re helping to support your local animal control officers, animal cruelty investigations, helping sick and injured strays or helping someone’s best bud find their way home!

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